It was around 1995 when the world of process facilitation and dialogue opened up right in front of my eyes. I gradually got to know different ways to know its potential, finding out the richness of its different slants, acknowledging in this task a clear way to channel my vocation of seeing a whole, equitable, harmonious and pluralistic Latin America.

I had the opportunity to meet different mentors, different methodologies, different viewpoints. They all contributed to building my own style, based on creativity and play; nonetheless feeling the curiosity and the need for incorporating new tools, methodologies, skills.

Throughout the 12 years spent under AVINA┬┤s umbrella, I was exposed to individuals and groups that required strategic partnership. I was also responsible for designing, facilitating and evaluation meetings for different actors: groups coming from different social, cultural, economic or political sectors; base organizations; regional actors; thematic experts, artists. This experience gave me the inside knowledge of company, governmental, and social worlds, not only from Argentina but also from other countries.

Currently and as a freelance facilitator, I continue cooperating so that others may reach their goals, descipher complexities, accept challenges and incorporate mistakes as part of their learning process.

Appart from my degree as an English Sworn Translator, the power and worth of the word, added to my need to communicate and understand other people, led me to the acquisition of other languages such as French, Portuguese, Italian and I even manage elementary Mandarin Chinese. Spanish, being my mother tongue.